Be aggressive if you have to but if you have data that you are right fight tooth and nail to get your idea into prod. This is the thought process a good employee has. Tenacity is important in an org to kill the things that kill an org which is herd-thinking.

Guts brings glory and in an org you have to think you lead it, this eventually leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy. It feels good to stand up against popular opinion.

This idea in general is this is what leaders are made of, not just software engineers. If you think you are right you need to have conviction to standup for it.

There are no excuses in most cases. In some cases there are there but in most cases no, it is procrastination. You have to make things happen, you have to fight for it, if you don't then it is on you, not on others who didn't listen to you, ideally they should but people are not ideal and an org needs people with backbone who can fight for what they think is right.

This is my way of life, work, whatever.