Thinking process at a non-biological level has two aspects to it

  • A set of axioms
  • Rules to combine those axioms and theorems to form new theorems
This then adds the question of where we get these axioms and rules from and in my opinion experience is the source of truth for all these.

What is experience? Again in my opinion constitutes of sense experiences and feelings or to put in other words, "what the brain knows".

How can we improve on thinking from this then? I'd say practice of ability to experience reality and observe reality and this is where mindfulness meditation comes into play. Here we focus on one thing from reality that can be experienced and we focus on that continuously. In my opinion this trains the mind to be more objective and observe better and therefore improve our thinking about reality.

Now how we gain experience etc.. is a question that I think philosophers like Kant answer but reading his Critique of Pure Reason was something I gave up on. However, anecdotally my way of ascertaining truth works for me, it has worked for me all these days and therefore I am hoping it will work for others as well.

Someone might be good at deductive logic, that is given axioms and rules, he might be able to deduce new and interesting theorems very well but if he doesn't conform to the axioms of reality his decisions about reality is going to be messed up and this is why it is important to gain your truth from experience.

An aside on how to meditate, or the practice I follow is pretty simple. Sit in a quite place and focus on the inhalation and exhalation of your breath. It is deceptively simple, you get random thoughts, but eventually you learn to calm your self down and the duration of your focus increases. Don't be too hard on yourself, take baby steps.