Should beef ban happen? Yes. Beef ban can mitigate global warming and climate changes. So why not? Better environment does mean better chances of our survival as a species and isn't that what the human race is going after? Survival and reproduction. I am going to be objective about things. If something helps my survival and the survival of my genes then it is a step in the right direction.

Sri Sri Ravishankar called out the same thing and there was a counter argument to it stating that we should ban eating vegetables as it would improve greenery. Hilarious but not an intelligent argument. We can live without beef, we can't live without eating vegetables. If we can and it is shown that this will indeed help improve environment then I have no issues with that either.

One concern regarding beef ban is those whose livelihood depends on it. Something must be figured out for them. For some it is cheap meat and they need the carbs and proteins from it and we need to solve for that, no doubt.

Another concern for me about the beef ban is that it is grounded in religiosity and not in science. This is problematic because of the dogmatism in religion. I don't buy the "gaumata" argument. I have empathy towards animals but we had to kill them for survival in the past and we do it now for our protein and taste needs, however if we are doing it at a scale where there is environmental impact, then a global ban is required.