The above cycle represents the cycle which leads to better SDEs for an organization.

The key here is that the person is able to meet challenges head on and solve them and not falter under pressure.

The more problems or challenges he solves the better he gets at solving them and the better he gets at solving them the higher position he gets into and the higher position he gets into the more challenges he gets.

When company wants to grow their SDEs they can either give him a higher position and let challenges organically come or give him the challenges first and then let him grow. Companies can also send the SDE for training to increase his problem solving. Where-ever you feed this cycle there is growth for the employee.

However there is a caveat. A big caveat.

Whoever the employee is needs to have a growth mindset. He should be able to take the challenges and grow. Not fall and then use politics and blame game to coverup.

Therefore it is important to identify people with a high growth mindset who are willing to accept failures and grow into an org and them grow them using this cycle.

Interviews should be aligned to identify people with this growth mindset. Anyone with this mindset automatically has maturity to take negative feedback. He will also be polite with others because he believe that they will grow. Such people should be hired and grown with the org.

Don't make bets on people who don't fit this.

Don't bother collecting data points for those with a growth mindset, they will grow.