I see questions regarding career on Quora and I thought I’d put my views on career and growth in this post. I haven’t “made it” per say (as in I don’t own a yatch, a building on Burj etc..) to be any authority on careers but these are my views and things that I follow and that I think will work out for others as well.

The questions usually are “how do I get into X company” or “how do I make Y salary”.

Usually youngsters (and even old) are confused about growing in their careers and making a name for themselves.

The steps are pretty simple but executing it is the hard part.

Like the step “lift 100kg a day” is a simple instruction but doing it is hard. The same thing is true about career - the guidance is pretty simple but doing it and having patience is what matters.

First of all if you want to get into X company ask yourself why. Is it the money? Is it the prestige? etc.. Then evaluate for yourself on one thing are you doing it for your internal happiness or external reasons. Money is external to you, prestige is external to you but only happiness in doing the job is internal to you and that should be your aim. Money and prestige are the additional perks that you need but the primary goal is the intrinsic motivation.

Once you are fixed on the fact that what you are doing is primarily for intrinsic reasons the next step is to begin training.

There is a study called self-determination theory that cites three conditions that promote intrinsic motivation - autonomy, competency and relatedness.

If you have autonomy in the task you are doing that is no one is forcing you to do it then it promotes intrinsic motivation.

If you have competency in what you are doing that is you think you are good at it then it promotes intrinsic motivation.

If you think you are impacting others in a good way then it promotes intrinsic motivation.

Ensure that you are good at the task you have picked up in training. If it is too difficult you’ll lose the motivation to do it. Also make sure you are the one who decides the task you are picking up.

For relatedness, find people who are going through the same process and share your learning with them and get learning from them as well.

Following these steps should help you achieve intrinsic motivation in the task (also called as passion) and it should help you grow yourself and have a happy life.

Finally don’t push yourselves, keep calm, be patient and keep moving forward at whatever pace you can.

All the best!