The idea is that there is an app where men (or women in phase 2) can chat up with our coaches (who are women) on how they should approach women, what makes them disgusted, what works for them etc.. this will give them an perspective towards these things.

After few conversations the user has to pay to continue talking with the coach and the amount is determined by the coach herself. On completion of the conversation period (one hour) both the coach and the trainee can give ratings to each other.

ML systems can be trained with the conversations in order to automate the process.

I see that escorts coming on to this service to be a main problem which needs to be solved for.

Quora itself gives an idea of how big the problem is and the demand for a solution for it. There can be other approaches to solve this problem but I see that the problem is huge.

A micro-learning service can also be used to train people on how to approach and talk to women, which is another way to solve the problem.

Drop your thoughts on it.