I cover the steps to discover the steps of how to do something by starting with the end result and working backwards towards the solution.

Working backwards is a very useful problem solving tool and it helps in most deductive problems where the final result is assumed but the proof of which is not known.

Let’s work on “how to create a successful product” as a question to demonstrate working backwards.

  • Step 0: Product sells a lot
  • Step -1: A product that makes a customer happy sells a lot
  • Step -1: A product that solves a customer’s problems makes the customer happy.
  • Step -2: A product that solves a customer’s problem becomes a successful product.

Step -1 and thereon can take multiple paths but the idea is that we started with the initial step that is defining a successful product and from thereon worked backwards to what leads to it.

This method can help you discover new business ideas, ways to solve mathematical problems and who knows what.

I have used it successfully to solve math problems and day-to-day problems.