I was an outright deontologist. My thought process was that there is a given set of duties and they have to be followed irrespective of the consequences of it. Kant’s theory of ethics is considered as deontological ethics.

The problem with deontology is on what basis is it determined whether the duty is right for us? As a man of science it is important for me to be able to measure whether the result of an action meets a criteria based on which I can say whether the action is right for me or not.

Deontology meant that I had to blindly follow rules or duties irrespective of what happens. But that doesn’t fit with my overall framework of living.

Right now my approach is this

  • Determine the purpose of human life
  • See if an action helps progress towards or sustain that purpose
  • If yes then the action is morally right
  • If no then the action is morally wrong